Sunday, November 14, 2010

Best Appetizers with Wine

1.Prosciutto wrapped bread sticks are one of the best appetizers with wine. Prosciutto is a salty variant of ham and is commonly served in many Italian restaurants. This Italian appetizer, is baked with the help of dough, with Parmesan, an Italian cheese. The saltiness of this appetizer, cleanses the tongue and mildly dehydrates the mouth . The dry mouth promotes the drinker, to keep and taste the wine in his mouth before swallowing it. This greatly helps the drinker to taste the flavor of the wine and also exposes all the taste buds to the wetness of the wine.

2.Another dish among the best appetizers with wine, is the Italian delicacy, Bruschetta. Bruschetta is a preparation that is done with grilled bread, olive oil, red pepper and tomatoes. This appetizer is prepared with the help of a lot of pepper and spicy tomato, the person feels tempted to have the wine. The wine being sweet and soothing to the taste buds, is very well appreciated by the drinker. The Bruschetta, being spicy, alerts all the taste buds on the tongue. The alerted taste buds are thus thoroughly able to feel the soothing and pleasing effect of the wine.

3.The appetizer, cured olives are very well known appetizer in the Mediterranean regions. The olives that are used as appetizers with wine, are cured using salt, which reduces the amount of water that is present in the olive. The salty, appetizer once consumed, makes a person tempted to drink wine. Again the sour and salty appeal of the appetizer, brings out the taste of wine in a brilliant manner.

4.Mini Quiche’s are among the best appetizer recipes for parties. A Mini Quiche is basically prepared from eggs, cream, pepper and salt. Mini Quiche’s can be prepared easily in bulk and also taste great with the flavor of wine. The lingering taste of a mini quiche often aptly awakens the taste buds and helps the person to really taste the wine.

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