Saturday, March 24, 2012

Madonna's 'Mdna' Gets Cautious Praise From Critics

Madonna has received cautious admire from critics for her latest album Mdna, which hits shelves on Monday (March 19, 2012). Madonna, 53, has attempted to stay up with the likes of Lady Gaga in terms of "shock factor" in current years, and mainly critics were expecting the current record to be a little too try-hard.

Her new records, American Life (2003), Confessions on a Dance Floor (2005) and the general Hard Candy (2008) were all criticize in spite of big sales, though critics come into view to be giving Madonna an easier ride with Mdna. Bbc Music assessed the album in terms of the singer's last efforts, saying, "It's got its faults, but Mdna isn't just a good pop album, it's a good Madonna album too", while The self-governing offered, "Mdna represents a determined, no-nonsense summary of the Madonna brand". The UK's Guardian were a little more unwilling to heap superlatives on the actual music, saying, "Mdna turns out to be just another Madonna album. It's previously had the major single-day pre-order in iTunes history: business as customary for the most extraordinary business enterprise in pop".

After two years away to work on her movie W.E, Madonna once again hit the headlines with a half-time show at the Super Bowl earlier this year, though her presentation was overshadowed by the clowning around of Mia. The singer signed a reported $120 million contract with Live Nation in 2007.