Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Yellow-Fin Tuna Fishing in the Philippines

Yellow-fin Tuna(Thunnus albacares ) reach a maximum size of 450 pounds. Yellowfin have thick round, elongated bodies, dark blue or black above with yellow on the sides and fins tinged in yellow with the finlets yellow and can be found in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Yellowfin Tuna are a highly prized gamefish. Tuna feed almost exclusively on smaller fish and squid. They like thier meal to be bite sized and doesn’t fancy chewing it up.

In the Philippines, tunas abound in the Visayas Region, most particulary General Santos or GenSan as more commonly known. Lesser known to others are the fact that there is another tuna capital up north of Metro Manila. The coastal waters of Zambales hold Yellowfin Tunas as well. They can be caught all year round several kilomters off shore, roughly 3 hours by bangka. But during the months of October to December, they move closer to shore and can be seen a few kilometers away, mere minutes from shore.
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